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Contract Services

Design for Manufacture

Knowing what you want to make is half the battle, but designing with a process in mind requires knowledge of a full stack of manufacturing processes. Understanding short term and long term needs in a project can often require a design to evolve for the process.


Are you moving on from prototyping, looking to cut costs from your part estimates, or struggling to know where to start? Let the Fractal team's multifaceted knowledge base help you.

Competencies include Design for...

Additive Manufacturing



Injection Molding

Jigs & Fixtures


Mold Design

Sheet Metal

On Demand Design Engineering

Not every project needs a full time engineer on staff. Fractal offers on demand engineering services for your project to take you from concept to manufacturing ready models. We meet with you to determine your short term and long term needs, and develop a manufacturing plan that takes you from prototype to production.

Need a quick part designed, redesigned for a different manufacturing process? Need some sketches turned into a printable model? A fixture modeled up? Fractal has you covered for your short term/one off project needs.

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